Purple is the new brown

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  • http://www.rosas-yummy-yums.blogspot.com Rosa

    Great pictures! I love the first one…
    Those vegetables are really beautiful; their color is incredible!

  • http://www.TriniGourmet.com The TriniGourmet

    how gorgeous :O what are they? :)

  • http://www.cforcooking.com Jeff

    Very prettay

  • http://www.nordljus.co.uk/en/ keiko

    Hooow gorgeous!

  • http://www.brandoneats.com Brandon

    Who knew kholrabi could be such a thing of beauty?

  • Julian

    What DOES one do with Kohlrabi???

  • http://www.brandoneats.com Brandon

    Why you take lovely pictures of them, of course!

  • http://anopencupboard.com shelly

    Gorgeous colors! And I love the format of the photos! How did you do that? Is that a script or some sort of plugin from Flickr?

  • dirty joe

    havn’t you heard? “beetroots” red is the new purple. check ‘em wednesday in sc.

  • http://www.lamaisonnettedebarbichounette.com barbichounette

    De très belles couleurs !
    Mais qu’est ce que c’est ?????

  • http://www.talkoftomatoes.com janelle

    beautiful beautiful food, equally beautiful photos.

  • http://ptipois.canalblog.com Ptipois

    Kohlrabi! My favorite vegetable.
    Try to boil it whole in beef stock, then slice it and lay the slices in a buttered baking dish. Make a sauce Mornay with the stock, cream, a bit of flour and butter, then some grated cheese (cheddar, gruyère, comté…). Shred some boiled ham and add it to the sauce. Pour sauce over kohlrabi. Optionally, grate some more cheese on top and dot with a bit more butter. Then bake until golden. You’ll never have a better gratin.

  • http://becksposhnosh.blogspot.com/ sam

    well, that’s ok – when I am not wearing brown I am wearing purple but only if it is a called aubergine. I mean, there’s purple and then there’s purple.

  • http://ironcheff.blogspot.com/ Gustad Mody


  • http://www.ithinkfoodisgreat.com conor

    cool photo loader… I must check into this for myself. oh yeah the kohlrabi looks great too, very royal.

  • Jeremy

    I like to grate it and make a “slaw”.

  • http://www.aidanbrooks.blogspot.com/ Trig

    One of the best food photos I have ever seen, worthy of publication in the best of cookery books. I am humbled by your talent. Keep it up.

  • http://www.calwineries.com Ben Bicais

    Wow, such vibrant colors. Beautifully captured!

  • John Chypre

    Seeds for purple kohlrabi: Thompson & Morgan, Purple Danube (F1) and Johnny’s Seeds, kolibri (F1). Pine Tree also has kolibri. They have websites and print catalogs. These new hybrids have a delicate flavor so try them raw or lightly steamed. Same for the new all white turnip, Oasis, also an F1.
    Impeach Bush!

  • http://www.thepassionatecook.com johanna

    best way to eat kohlrabi is to peel it, grate it and mix with some lemon juice and sour cream, salt & pepper for a refreshing salad. i wish you could buy it here in the UK – it’s incredibly hard to find!