This week chez Pim: of something old and some things new

Keeping the romance alive

What do you do when you’ve been blogging for the better part of a decade? You take a break, a breath, and then find a way to refresh and renew the love that inspired you to do it in the first place. That’s what I just did. Welcome to the new Chez Pim.

Moving to WordPress

Change is tough, changing blogging platforms even more so. I was with Typepad for pretty much the entire life of the company Sixapart. That’s a long, long time, and it’s been a great collaboration. I cannot thank the Typepad team enough for their attention and support in those years. I send my best wishes to them on their new path at Say Media. I cannot tell you what peace of mind it’s been, to know that no matter what my Typepad blog was always there. It ran how it should no matter how crazy my traffic spike and valley. I still recommend Typepad wholeheartedly to anyone who wants to start a blog without knowing or ever caring about what’s under the hood.

As comfortable as I was with Typepad, I’ve long outgrown the platform. I pretty much single-handedly built and tweaked the old Chez Pim templates by myself. With my scant skills, it’s like building a house with the help of duct tapes and gorilla glue. It wasn’t pretty, I can tell you that. Plus, as a hosted platform, Typepad wasn’t flexible enough for me to do what I wanted to do. It’s time to move on. Say hello to my shiny new WordPress blog.

Not just a new coat of paint

The new design is not just a new palette of colors and some nifty graphics. It reflects a fundamental rethinking of where online publishing is today. “Blogging” is breaking away from the stranglehold of chronology. Content is no longer just about what’s new and fresh and MORE. Now it’s all about relevance.

So, the new Chez Pim is no longer calendar-driven series of blog posts. Old contents that are relevant today are given just as big a lead-in as the newest post I wrote this morning. That’s what the picture carousel of top of the main page and each category page does. It features not only new content, like the video post of La Mamma’s braised rabbit that I shot in Italy, but what’s useful and relevant now. Chanterelles are coming into season again, the recipe post on pickled chanterelles from last year is welcome back on the main page.

Visual storytelling

The picture carousel is also about telling stories visually, which has become a real passion of mine in the last few years. I love going to cliché places but not bringing you back the same cliché frames everyone else sees. I went to Tsukiji market in Tokyo, but if you expect that shot of rows of frozen tuna at the famed auction, you’re in the wrong place. My Tsukiji is a bloody cutting board, a rusty scale, a bucket of tuna bones, and an old proprietress in her cubbyhole “office”. And I hope you enjoy this Tsukiji as much as I do.

More focused content

Breaking from the chronological mold to one that’s more subject driven will also help me better focus my storytelling. Pulling out the wine and drink posts onto their own page made me realize how little I’ve done on the subject I love so much. So expect to hear more, a lot more, from me on that. Also expect to hear more on the Travel section, you’ll be seeing handy city guides by me and my trusted friends from around the world.

Dinner @ 8

Perhaps what I’m most proud of, and the one we’ve worked the hardest on, is the new feature Dinner @ 8. I wanted to find a way to break from the norm of cooking blogs. Instead of presenting single recipes one at a time, Dinner @ 8 takes a holistic approach to cooking a meal.

The step-by-step guide takes you through the process of the entire meal, with steps from all the recipes woven and arranged logically and efficiently so you can put dinner on your table on time. And I’m not talking a semi-home-cooked silliness. I’m talking a proper debut menu of Dorie Greenspan’s recipes from her latest book, Around my French Table: 3 courses, 4 dishes to cook, all in 3 hours. Yes, you heard me the first time. Three hours. You don’t believe me? Here’s what Dorie herself said about this new feature..

“I’m thrilled any time Pim wants to cook from my recipes, but I’m thrilled and honored that she’s kicking off Dinner @ 8 with a meal made from my new book.

Pim explained a little about her site’s redesign to me when we met in San Francisco last month and it sounded pretty terrific, but nothing prepared me for how terrific it really is.  This morning she sent me a link to the site and I clicked through just as my husband walked past my desk.  He did a double take as he exclaimed: “What happened?  You’re sitting there with your mouth wide open!” What happened was Pim’s site!

It’s beautiful, of course – Pim only does beautiful– but it’s also chockfull of great information and tips, and it’s so sensibly and helpfully laid out, and so logical that it makes everything really doable and doable in 3 hours sharp.  I love this!

I know that I’ll be cooking along with Pim and I hope you will too.  I can’t wait to hear about your adventures.”

Dorie Greenspan, 10/13/2010

There is, of course, wine pairing suggestions for the meal. It wouldn’t be a holistic look without including the wines.

I didn’t do it alone

I couldn’t have done it alone. Meet my friend Ryan Wilke, pixel-pusher extraordinaire and véritable WordPress wiz. I cannot recommend Ryan enough. He’s fast, responsive, and crafty in some very astonishing ways. I should also mention how patient he is. I’m not an easy client to please. I knew precisely what I wanted and I wanted it precisely that way. And he managed it, every time. To Ryan, you amaze me. Thank you ever so. (Check out his site to see his take on the work he’s done on Chez Pim.)

And a giveaway, of course there’s a giveaway

This is, however, not one of those easy giveaways that you just need to leave a comment and then you’re eligible. Sorry. It’s a big prize, so you’ve got to work for it. What’s the prize, you asked? The winner will get a copy of Dorie’s new book, Around My French Table, and a copy of her last pastry book, Baking: From My Home to Yours (both courtesy of Dorie Greenspan). Plus, there’s more. From me, you’ll also receive two of my favorite pastry books, Desserts by Pierre Herme, and Paris Sweets, both also by Dorie. That’s $150 worth of books, and they will be priceless once they are signed and personalized to you by Dorie herself.

To win them, you must go to Dinner @ 8 and cook the Dorie’s French Supper menu. You don’t have to serve it at 8, eat at 7 or whenever you want, by all means. Just make sure you follow the steps and see if you could do it within the 3-hr time frame, more or less. You know, even if you’re 15-20 minutes behind schedule, you would still finish that meal faster than if you were to go at it by yourself.

So, go forth and cook, and don’t forget to enjoy yourself. You have until Monday December 6 to post evidence of that meal somewhere online. Your blog, your Foodbuzz, your Flickr, your Facebook page, anywhere you want. Go start a thread on Serious Eats if you must. Just post about it somewhere online, and then leave a comment and a link on the Dorie’s French Supper post to let us know. Dorie and I will pick our favorite 10, and will draw the winner from those 10 names.

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  • Casey

    I am SO impressed. Fabulous!

  • TheCilantropist

    After talking briefly with you at Foodbuzz Fest last weekend in SF, I couldn’t wait to see the new design of your blog and you definitely did not disappoint! I love the clean, clear lines and also your new clear concept. But most brilliant is definitely your Dinner @ 8 feature; the entire design is flawless, and I love how everything integrates seamlessly together (the page, with the carousel, with the tips on the side). I hope I will have time to try out Dorie’s dinner menu, what a great choice to kick off your new feature! :)

  • Pim

    Thanks Casey!

  • Pim

    Thank you! I’d love to hear what you think when you cook from Dorie’s Dinner @ 8 menu.

  • Joan Nova

    Website looks gorgeous and functional. Have fun!

  • Jen H

    LOVE the new blog, so well thought out and the Dinner @ 8 idea is so great too! Congrats!

  • sonya

    Congratulations on your new blog home, Pim! The redesign and new concept are both beautiful and refreshing!!

  • OakMonster

    Love the new look. This is awesome!

  • Pim

    Thanks, and I hope you’ll do the menu and join our giveaway contest.

  • Pim

    Thank you. I’m loving it too. This is going to get me blogging a lot more too.

  • Jun Belen

    Hello Pim,

    Congratulations on your new Chez Pim, it looks fabulous! I love the warm and inviting look and feel. I met you briefly back at Foodbuzz weekend and I am such a huge fan, and such an inspiration! I love Dinner @ 8 where you write about composing an entire meal from beginning to end and I can not agree more about featuring relevant and interesting content that’s not chronology-driven.

    Congratulations once again here’s to more years of Chez Pim!


  • Louisa

    Such a stunning renovation :) – and thanks always for sharing your world – congratulations!

  • David

    Great post. Keep up the good work!

  • Pim

    Hi Jun,

    Yes I remember meeting you. Nice to see you here and I hope you try out the Dinner @ 8 and good luck winning Dorie’s books!


  • Kenna

    I love the new layout! <3<3<3

  • Lauras Best Recipes

    What a fantastic new look and “Dinner @ 8″ is genius…. sometimes breaks can be very inspiring. Excellent work!

  • Cathi

    Sounds wonderful!

  • Tricia

    I really love your new look! Your blog is beautiful! Thanks for the great information.

  • LaJuana

    Congratulations on the new site and terrific new ideas! I have 3 of the 4 books and am cooking along with French Friday’s with Dorie, this sounds like a fun new twist to it. And thanks for the time line…would love to work this in around some holiday travels!

  • Cooks&Books&Recipes

    I can handle individual recipes. It’s the entire meal that causes me problems. I adore the idea behind your Dinner @ 8 feature and can’t wait to read more.

  • Aleah

    Love the new site! I am a wordpress blogger myself and just started blogging in May! You were one of my inspirations for getting into blogging and continue to be! Thanks for all the great content!

  • Diane

    I love the new look and cant wait to see you posting more again. You are an inspiration.

  • Hillru

    the new site looks fabulous.

  • Joelbaumwoll

    Pim, your blog is always an inspiration to get me into the kitchen. Cookies, pies, chicken, you name it. Between your book and your blog, they are two of my favorite sources for ideas and recipes (and technique). The new set up goes even further in that direction for me. Your combination of personal and photographic story telling as you cook, together with flawless execution and honesty are unique among blogs. All the best with the New Chez Pim.

  • Danielle

    Congrats on the new site Pim, it’s very clean and focused, the perfect platform to share your unconventional and refreshing ideas about food blogging today. You’ve piqued my curiosity about Dinner @ 8 – that may just be my Thanksgiving menu!

  • Andrea

    So this is what you and Ryan have been laboring over! Beautiful job! Keep stirring the pot, Pim.

  • Adelina

    Love the new “coat of paint” and it’s Not “Just” a new coat of paint though! Congratulations for making the transformation! I’ve always enjoyed your blog no matter how old it looks!

  • Pim

    Yes it sure is. Isn’t it wonderful? Ryan did a great job and everything turned out _just_ the way I wanted it.

  • Pim

    Thanks Danielle, a Dorie thanksgiving sounds like fun!

  • Pim

    How sweet of you. Thanks so much.

  • vicki

    You make my day!

  • Pim

    Thank you so much. It’s so touching to have your support, and thanks for loving the new “coat of paint”.

  • Pim

    And you’re not alone. I used to have the same problem until I began actually planning how to cook all the recipes together. My friends are so happy they no longer have to wait til 10 when they expect dinner at 8.

  • Pim

    But I bet your books are not all signed. Play with us and if you win the signed books you could give your other copies away to some lucky friends. ;-)

  • Ryan Wilke

    Awww. Thanks. I’m glad everyone loves it so much :)

  • Tracy

    Congratulations on your new digs. Great look, cool color choices… very well done. I look forward to once again making you apart of my daily perusal.

  • ciara

    I’ve never posted any comment on anything, but after checking on your page to look for an update I was so happy to find this beautiful place. I’m so happy that you’re back! :) The page looks increíble. Me encanta!

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    This is really an impressing new look. I love it. It is very welcoming and invites you to spent hours reading. Well done!

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    You don’t know how timely this post is for me. I’ve been on the phone for an hour trying to fix bugs and wondering how I can improve my WordPress theme to do it what I want it to do! I’m going to contact Ryan now!

  • Bee

    Love it Pim, well done and congrats!

  • Juli

    I had almost given up on you. I am so glad I clicked on your page this afternoon! The new site looks amazing! I just wish I could do this little cooking contest but I leave Sunday and won’t be back until the 14th of December :( Oh well.
    Congrats anyway and I will probably tackle it anyway when I return.

  • Happy Health Pad

    the design of your new blog is good for eyes

    Healthy meal recipe for kids

  • Blue

    Love you Pim! Saw you on “Diary of a Foodie”, I think! Keep up the great work!

    Scared to cook the turkey this year? No worries! We break it down to 8 easy steps at: Check it out!

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  • hannika

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  • Kristen Rice

    Love the new look and the new structure is truly the icing on the cake :) . I love reading about food, and eating it but I’m not normally the cook in the family (toooo many picky eaters). Your Dinner @ 8 section has inspired me to TRY however, even if I have to substitute some ingredients for my crazy family! Can’t wait to see how a true newbie to the cooking arena fairs!

  • Pim

    How wonderful, please do try! Cooking is about improvisation, so please sub away, I’m sure your family will enjoy it.

  • Pim


  • Pim

    I’m so glad you hadn’t given up! Dinner @ 8 will be a twice-a-month (I hope!) feature so you’ll have plenty of time to try it.

  • Pim

    He’s awesome, you’ll love him.

  • Pim

    That’s the whole idea. ;-)

  • Pim

    I’m so happy you’re back too, and see, commenting is kind of fun, isn’t it? I hope you don’t hesitate to jump into the conversation from now on!

  • Pim

    Thanks, look forward to having you here every day too.

  • Pim

    Thanks, wow that show keeps airing and airing, how wonderful!

  • Pim

    Thanks Bee, good to see you back here!

  • Diane

    This is off topic from the new website which is fantastic, but I am so looking forward to taking my second cooking class from Pim at Love Apple Farm in Santa Cruz this Sunday. I’m still drooling over the Meyer lemon recipes she demonstrated at the first class.

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    Thanks a lot for sharing all.
    Dalva Maraci
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    Good work!

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  • Terra

    I am reallly excited to be a part of this give-away, I always look for ways to challenge myself. I love everything about French culture, and Cooking, and would adore these books. Thank you for this fun opportunity! I am new to your blog, but can tell I will be a long time follower. Your blog is beautiful, and shares such fun recipes. Thank you, Terra

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    I had the pleasure of meeting your good friend Daniel Patterson in New York 10 days ago.
    I am looking forward to ‘Menu for Hope 2010′.
    Happy Thanksgiving

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    pim, now that it’s December, will there be another Menu for Hope this year?

    I admit, I’m addicted. It’s a great antidote to the consumer gross-out that often accompanies Christmas for me — plus there’s suspense — and best of all you raise shocking amounts of money for the UN Food Programme. Please tell me the Menu for Hope is on again this year!


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