New classes at Love Apple farm – macarons, pad thai, summer jams (not all at once!)

Looking for fun projects to do this summer? Come join me in a class (or two, or three) at Love Apple Farm’s awesome teaching kitchen, on the grounds of the-even-more-awesome Love Apple farm in Santa Cruz. This summer I’ll be leading a workshop to make the dainty French macarons, teaching you how to make a killer Pad Thai and other wok goodness from the Thai street food repertoire, and how to make lovely, delicious summer jams with the bounties from your backyard and our farmers markets.

Want to learn how to make the dainty (and, yes, fickle) macarons? Come join my workshop. This is not a demonstration class, the only way to learn how to do macarons properly is to feel it and make it yourself. You’ll be getting your hands dirty and learning how to make perfect macarons just like they do in fancy French pâtisseries. Once you master the technique, you can go totally crazy with your own combinations. The limit is your imagination! Plus, you’ll leave with the macarons you’ve made in class to share with [read: show off to] your friends and family afterwards.

There are two class dates for Macarons Madness workshop: May 29 and June 25. Go sign up here. (Note: May 29 is already full, so be quick and sign up for the June 25 class before it’s sold out too.)


You’ve always loved Pad Thai but felt too intimidated to try them at home? Come take this class with me. We’ll not only make the best Pad Thai at home, but we’ll also cover other Thai stir-fry favorites like Pad See Ewe, Pad Kee Mao, Pad Kaprow, and more. At the end of class, you’ll get to make one (or more) of these noodle dish and eat the result! So come hungry! Oh, and go ahead and throw out your take-out menu right now. You won’t need them anymore, I promise.

Pad Thai and Other Delicious Wok Dishes: Sunday, June 19, noon-4pm. Sign up here.


Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, cherries, plus our famous local Blenheim apricots; these early summer bounties are here today and gone tomorrow. Come and learn how to preserve the sprightly flavors of early summer with me. We’ll start with a basic, straight-up berry jam without using commercial pectic. Next, we’ll spice it up by making a herb-infused berry jam. Then, we’ll craft a berry conserve with beautiful whole fruits. And finally, we’ll make the best Blenheim apricot jam, ever. After the class, you’ll get to take home a jar or two of the jams we made in class.

Early Summer Jamming: Saturday, June 11, noon-4pm. Sign-up here.


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  • Sara Rosso

    Ah, I’ll miss this (not in the US until July, prob) – I have been dreaming about Pad See Ewe since my Thailand trip in January…completely addicted!!!

  • Sara Rosso

    Ah, I’ll miss this (not in the US until July, prob) – I have been dreaming about Pad See Ewe since my Thailand trip in January…completely addicted!!!

  • Pim

    Oh too bad! Let me know when you’re in town. Let’s plan something.


  • Trisse, Inc.

    This looks great! I’d love to attend the pad thai & jam workshops especially, but unfortunately I won’t be in the Bay Area til August :/

  • Anonymous

    A heavenly trio, Pim. I’m especially interested in all those jams and conserves. I’ve got 10kg of organic strawberries, hulled and snap frozen. Too bad I’m in Australia! I hope you post about that gorgeous whole strawberry conserve. cheers, Angela

  • BalsamicVinExp

    Yummy! Thanks for sharing. I love eating and I can’t wait to taste this mouth-watering foods into my palate.

  • Suzanne

    Sounds great…having just come back from Thailand myself I can attest to the fact that it is indeed possible to have delicious Thai food at home without take-out! Easy, delicious homemade Pad Thai for all!

  • Thomas Kramer

    What a beautiful looking pad thai. Thank you for the inspiration. I love your recipes. I love cooking as well and have a chef corner in m blog

    Keep on cooking;-)


  • Cicero Nike

    this is very good

  • Easy Picnic Recipes

    OMG! What a delicious looking! I wanna eat this :)

  • fatso

    i am fat. and i am sad. but i joined NUTRISYSTEM :D

  • Diane Ruddle

    OMG I can’t wait, I’ve signed up for Macaron, Pad Thai and Mid Summer jamming classes. I want to thank Love Apple Farm and Pim for offering such high quality classes in the south bay area. Every class I’ve ever taken at Love Apple Farm has been excellent. P.S., it was very difficult to choose between early and mid summer jam class too (berries or stone fruit, both delicious)

  • Babies Clothes

     Did you try this Macaron, Pad Thai???
    I dont know how to cook other wise i must try this by cooking at home my self. :(

  • Erbe @ ChefBlogDigest

    Yummy!  I love this foods.  Can’t wait for more.  My appetite is waiting :)

  • D Thompson

     You make some amazing food…Let me know where to buy it, in Oakland. Noble Cafe, Principal.

  • Mae

    Oohh Yummy! This looks like a great endeavor

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  • Anonymous

     Wish I lived close, I’d love to come for classes on preserving the whole fruits. Haven’t seen a class like that here, darn it! I made jelly but haven’t done that. 

  • Sugarbomb

    $115 for a one day class?

  • Sara Rosso

    Yes, would love that. Looking like July.

  • Ulf

    Wow, looks really nice.

  • Feelingfood

     Wow, those pinky coloured macaroons look magical! Very hungry now;-) 

  • V. Recipes

    Do you recommend any specific brand or type of tamarind for Pad Thai? I’ve had some bad luck  picking a good one. (Also, those macaroons look positively divine.)

  • Energy Drink

    looks like a super class dish

  • RawFood

    Yummy!  Good food for me and you :)   Thanks for sharing.

  • Jefferydilegge

    OMG, you must be trying to tempt my diet, because this sounds like a true treat. Can I eat just one? lol

  • foodieanonymous

    the pad thai and macaroons i will die for!!! have you heard of extreme chef on food network??? heard the chefs on that create extreme dishes in extreme conditions! check it out here

  • Rreed1776

    I’m in Fort Lauderdale. Planning to eat at Valentino’s, the Grateful Palate and SAIS. Any other suggestions?

  • Stephanie Manley

    The Pad Thai looks heavenly!  I need to take this class.

  • RedWineExp

    I like the strawberry jam and then you can have a sip of red wine.

  • Kim

    Macaroons rock ;)


    Certainly a hefty mix of cuisines! Great :)

  • apotek online

    En himmelsk trio, Pim. Jeg er især interesseret i alle disse syltetøj og sparer. Jeg har fået 10 kg for økologisk afskallet jordbær, og snap frosne.

  • Richard Smith

    I’ve always wanted to be able to cook macaroons!

  • Chris

    I enjoy your post on the food scene and think the people who follow you would love know about a twist for a local charity! On July 24th  Roy’s will host our fun Charity Chow Down Hot Dog Eating Contest for the Make a Wish Foundation

    Anybody, men or women are welcome to enter the Charity Chow Down. Proceeds from the Hot Dog Eating contest are to be donated to the Make a Wish Foundation of the Bay Area. Our goal is to make every child’s wish to come true!

    feel free to share this with anyone

    and our flier

    Keep up the great work!


  • Anavar

     Unusual combination, but a great recipe, thanks for sharing.


  • masterchef

    That’s an AMAZING show! Its gonna be sick once it comes out

  • MeliM

    I just saw a a lovely recipe while watching “Foodography” on the Food Channel. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the name of the recipe. Some of the ingredients were coconut milk, chili paste, chicken, noodles with fried noodles added at the end. Is that recipe available for me to try? 
    Wish I could attend the Macaron workshop, I just love those little things! But I am in El Paso and it’s a little too far to drive:) 

  • Mboz71

    found It!

  • Krishnawebdevelopers

    Ya really a lovely recipe. thanks for post.

  • Husain Vakhariya
  • Thomas Barban

    I really like this recipe. Looks great!

  • Kelly Hartman

    Yum!  When will you be offering classes in Orange County?!!

  • Brian Simms1

    do you plan to visit u.k.

  • anonymous

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  • Anonymous

     Wow, so delicious and so many strawberry recipe is present here. Your recipe are very nice and nicely explain a technique to make them. Thank for sharing.

  • Anonymous

     Wow, so delicious and so many strawberry recipe is present here. Your recipe are very nice and nicely explain a technique to make them. Thank for sharing.

  • Anonymous

    This recipe looking very stylish and yummy and also that noodles is best recipe. I like to eating noodles because it is my one of the favourite recipe.
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  • Faustino

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  • Jacob Matthew

    hey…really good recipes….where did u learn all these…???i shall try it out ok…whenever i wanna know the recipe of some dish then i visit give amazing recommendations…if u also want some help sometime then u can visit the site…hv fun..happy cooking

  • CulinarySchool

    Reminds me of culinary school. Here, I wrote all about it:  “Culinary School: Three Semesters of Life, Learning, and Loss of Blood”

  • Leah

    I wish I can join your class of June 25 but I have some important tasks to tackle in these coming weeks.  Good luck would-be classmates to the class.

  • Avantika

    hey awesome site..:):) u can look for cooking classes near ur place too. just try visiting and u ll find the best cooking classes in ur neighbourhood..:):):)

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  • Bethan_16

    Just found this site and it looks like the beginning of a long friendship just from the pictures!

  • Anonymous

    Everything on here looks fantastic. I can’t wait to try a recipe while I sit down to watch the sneak peek of Extreme Chef, Sunday June 26 at 10:30 et/pt on Food Network!! Its gonna be EPIC

  • Deborah Dowd

    Something about those jewel-like glasses of jams and jellies takes me back to my childhood. However, I really love pad thai so I guess it is good I am not close enough to go to your classes!

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  • Foodie Fanatic

    Woah I need to check these out!! Btw – did yall see that promo for Extreme Chef? They said they’re going to like cook on a car engine once??

  • Foodlover

    I can’t wait for this! SUNDAY NIGHT! 

  • Alexandra

    On a car engine? That’s insane! Does anyone know when it airs?

  • Alexandra

    yeah, I heard there is a sneak preview this Sunday, June 26 at 10:30pm/9:30c on The Food Network! I can’t wait! 

  • David Edward

    hey avantika! this site is awesome! i got many recipies from it…become an ardent fan of it! check it out guys!

  • anonymous

    Extreme Chef sneak peek is around the corner – Sunday, June 26 at 10:30 PM, 9:30 PM Central! Then the season premiere on June 30 (10 PM, 9c)

  • Tabitha

    Hi Pim,
    you dont know me but I am a SC Local chef who has made a career out of all things consumable in the Bay Area. I have a Jam Co http://WWW.FRIENDINCHEESES.COM And have made a line of local, seasonal, simple jams chutneys and chow chows with pairing in mind. Alot of fruit is Gleaned or from my vineyard,local farmers (Ghetto Vineyard) on The Summit. I get so busy with my head down in the garden,over a pot or teaching at seval wineries, CheesesSchool SF or local colleges I forget to reach out. Check out my site & Blog SMOKINGWHISK.BLOGSPOT.COM  I’d love to meet and have you nibble some of my wares. Ive got a good story about David from the 90s when I was pastry Chef at Theos and he’d come visit with Hugh(soif) and welll contact me. ok off to pick green walnuts for Nocino….ciao  Tabitha “fruit n curd wrangler”

  • Anonymous

    I have seen this.  It was something done a lot in the 20′s on road trips.  But, if you can find it on Amazon, the book Manifold Destiny.  Very interesting book.  

  • Alexandre

    t vi aqui no brazil no national geografic muitobom o que vc faz

  • Alexandre

    sorry do not speak English, I saw you on TV here in Brazil and I loved your blog congratulations

  • Arabic Food

    Well i just love macarons. Will tell my wife about this.

  • Arabic Food

    Well i just love macarons. Will tell my wife about this.

  • Arabic Food

    Well i just love macarons. Will tell my wife about this.

  • Arabic Food

    Well i just love macarons. Will tell my wife about this.

  • Kerryloves2travel

    Took added class on Jun 22. Macarons were fantastic! The process takes time but worth the incredible taste. The fillings were scrumptious..buttercream, chocloate ganache, caramel…each one more delicious than the next.
    Thanks, Pim, for sharing your knowledge.

  • Pim

    Thanks Kerry! So happy you loved the class.

  • Suzy Harris

    I love these macaroons, thanks so much for the post.

  • Anonymous

    Wow.. So yummy,  I will get to make one of these noodle dish for tonight. I also like to eat macaroons. It looking also very delicious.
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  • Parisintriqued

    I’m interested in attending a Macaron class in time for the holidays!  Any upcoming classes you may be offering ? Thanks!

  • Pim

    All macaron classes are sold out until January, unfortunately. The rest of the classes you can check out here:

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