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WBW 18: Fav Shop Edition (Soif Wine Bar and Merchant)

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Would you believe me if I said the most sophisticated wine bar in
the Bay Area is not in the city at all, but all the way down in Santa

For the latest edition of Wine Blogging Wednesday -yes, yes, I know
it’s Sunday now but my cat ate my homework-
our wonderful host Dr.Vino
asked us to write not about wine, per se, but about a wine shop that is near and dear to our heart. And hey, in a couple of weeks
I’m going to be living a few blocks from this one, so it is not only dear but certainly going to be quite near as well. (Oh yes, there’s a bit of news for you nosy readers, but a little
bit later for that ok? D’abord on parle de vin!)

I’m talking about a spectacular place called Soif Wine Bar and Merchant
in downtown Santa Cruz. It’s both a wine shop and a wine bar. The
shop, also affectionately known as the Bonny Doon Alumni Association, is owned by
Patrice Boyle and Hugh Weiler, both expats of the famous Bonny Doon
Winery (hence the nickname.)

I was introduced to Soif by David, who had been waxing poetic about
this hip little place ever since we met. Frankly, my-city-snob-self
wasn’t so convinced -hip and Santa Cruz not being particularly
compatible in my vocabulary. Imagine my surprise when I was taken to a
neat space that could have been at home in the Mission or SOMA, and
found a menu that featured a flight of the obscure traditional
Burgundian grape variety, Aligoté? Not just any old Aligoté, mind
you, but those from famous producers like Ramonet, Arnaud Ente,
Jayer-Gilles, and Aubert de Villaine! I could hardly believe my eyes, or my
palate, for that matter.

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