Pad Krapow Moo – spicy stir-fried pork with Thai holy basil


I have Bai Krapow growing in my garden.  They are called Holy Basil around these parts.  I put two itty-bitty starts in the ground four weeks ago, and they now look so happy and thriving I've decided it's time to harvest some.  So last night I did.  I made a favorite fast Thai dish, Pad Krapow, which is basically a spicy stir-fry with the holy basil as the star flavor of the show.  

Pad Krapow is a ubiquitous fast food dish in Thailand.  You can walk into just about any food shack on any street corner and ask for Pad Krapow, they'll make one for you.  You can also have it with just about any protein you want, pork (minced or cut into bite size chunks), chicken (ditto), beef (yup, ditto too), or even tofu.  Some people like to add cut up onions or sweet bell peppers to add a little more interest to the dish.  But the best thing about it, besides being really delicious, is that it's so simple to make you hardly need a recipe.  So I'm not going to give you one.  Instead I'll tell you how you can easily make it at home.  If you can't find Bai Krapow or Holy Basil, you can even use the regular Thai basil you can find at any Asian markets near you.  In which case you'll technically be making Pad Horapa (Stir-fry with Thai Basil) instead of Pad Krapow (Stir-fry with Holy Basil), but it'll be good just the same.  


The Krapow plants I put in the ground look slightly different than Krapow plants I've seen in Thailand.  The ones in Thailand have longer, narrower leafs, and are a slightly paler shade of grayish green.  The ones growing in my garden now have fatter leafs, with an interesting purple shading on some of the leafs.  They actually look more like Thai Basil, but when you pick one up and crush it between your fingers, the scent is undeniably Krapow.  Thai Basil is more licorice-y.  This Krapow, on the other hand, is spicier with a hint of citrus and mint.  It's hard to explain in words really.  You just have to find them and smell them side by side.  Or you don't have to.  Buy whichever you can find at the stores near you, they both make pretty tasty stir-fries.  

You'll need a few cloves of garlic.  You'll want to be generous with the garlic here, don't skimp.  You'll be ok, just don't plan a big date after eating this dish.  Or make sure you date share has eaten it too, so you both are even.  Or evenly stinky, I should say.  But I digress, now where was I, garlic, yes.  I chop the garlic up with a few Thai bird-eye chill too.  I generally use about a little less than half the amount of chopped chilli to chopped garlic, but it all depends on the spiciness of your chilli.  I say here you err on the side of too few chilli.  You can always add them later.  If you put too much in the beginning then you'd have to resort to using sugar to reduce the spiciness.  And that wouldn't be so cool.  Here I used about 6 garlic cloves and 3 hot bird-eye chilli.  Chop them all up together.  I also used a handful of bell pepper cut into strips, they made the dish prettier at the end.

I used about a pound (500g) or ground pork.  The nice man behind the counter at my Whole Foods ground a big hunk of pork butt for me.  I think it's much fresher this way, not to mention nice and fatty.  I don't get the point of lean ground pork.  Fat is where the flavor is, people.  But, as I said, you can use just about any protein you want.  So, pick whatever that'll make you happy.  I'm totally ok with that.


So you get your well-seasoned wok nice and hot, add just a tiny bit of oil.  You won't need much now, the ground pork will release yummy fat as it cooks. If you're using not-so-fatty protein you'll need just a tad more oil here to keep everything properly lubricated.  (Did I really just say that out loud?)

Ok, in goes the chopped up garlic and chilli first.  Yes, they go first.  Won't they get all burnt, you asked?  Yes, they might, so be quick.  Give it a couple stirs, just to get it nice and fragrant.  Oh, don't stick your face right into it to check if it's fragrant yet, by the way.  You just add hot chilli into a hot pan.  You see where I'm going with this, right?  

Now you throw in the ground pork.  Give it a couple toss.  A few splashes of fish sauce.  Yes, fish sauce.  This is Thai food we're cooking.  Right?  What, you don't have fish sauce?  Well, fine, soy sauce will do in a pinch.  But I'm stretching it here, I hope you know.  Wait, actually, a splash or two of thick soy sauce won't hurt it a bit.  That's what they use everywhere in Thailand, just to give this stir-fry a bit of color.  You can buy it right here (no affiliation, btw.)  While you're at it buy a bottle of fish sauce too.  

If you're adding onion or bell pepper or whatnot, you can do it now.  Give it a few more stir, taste and adjust the seasoning as needed.  If it's not spicy enough, take a few chilli, smash then with the blade of a knife until they're all squished with seeds spilling out.  Toss them into the pan, they'll add a nice bite of spiciness to the dish, plus I like the flavor of fresh, uncooked chilli in the finished dish too so I always add one or two in mine.

When everything is done and cooked, turn off the heat and add a big handful of Bai Krapow or Holy Basil.  Toss, then serve immediately on top of steamed rice.


If you want to be really authentic, fry up an egg, over easy, but do it in a pan with a lot of hot oil, so the edges get brown and crisp while the yolk is still bright orange and liquid.  Put that baby right on top of the rice and the Pad Krapow, a squeeze of lime (or lemon would do in a pinch) over everything and there you have it, Pad Krapow Moo over jasmine rice.  Easy, fresh, and quick.  I hope you love it as much as I do.  

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  • lency

    A big hello to you
    this is so interesting that basil leaves can come in such a use.maybe one day i’ll also try to make it at home….
    im very foodie and love to try something new everytime i find interesting and delicious to eat …..
    please send me some of more recipes which include vegatables as im more into veggies than non veggies….

  • codfish

    Using pork butt for the ground sounds perfect… so glad to hear you don’t see the point in lean pork!

  • PJ

    This dish is very popular with all Thai people. Holy basil is hard to find. I grow mine every year, a lot. We never have enough of it.

  • meleyna

    I’m barely squinting over my coffee cup reading this, but I am drooling. Ground pork is one of my very favorites, and this looks phenomenal. And with the egg on top, doesn’t it really qualify as breakfast food? Everyone knows a breafast with rice is a breakfast of champions.

  • oakley

    Hmmmmm breakfast….

  • Pim

    Yeah, lean pork makes just as much sense as low fat milk if you ask me.

  • Pim

    Yeah, I’m going to get more starts tomorrow at the farmers market too. It seems two plants are not going to be enough for me.

  • Pim

    Why are you squinting?
    Good point about this making a good breakfast. I don’t see why not, except perhaps you need a good, strong stomach with all the chilli in it. But totally doable for sure.

  • Pim

    You can take a girl out of Bangkok. :-)

  • Sheila

    Looks so hearty and comforting :) I’ve been in this phase where anything with a fried egg on top makes my mouth water. I hope I find Holy Basil at my local Thai market!

  • Sheila

    Oh, and is thick soy a must in the recipe?

  • Pim

    No, not a must. But if you’re going to a Thai market anyway it’s a “good to have”. It’ll come in handy in other recipes too.

  • Pim

    Yup, even a bare plate with a fried egg on top!

  • Sam

    I actually ask my butcher to grind up a piece of skinless (but not fatless) pork belly whenever I make a dish with ground pork in it. Is that too much?

  • Pim

    It might be, actually. Because too much fat will probably render out as you cook, and depending on the preparation it might be too much. In stir fries, especially, if too much fat/liquid renders out then the pork will braise in it and won’t brown up nicely.

  • meleyna

    Squinting because I was barely awake. Also, because they just kind of naturally do that. ;)
    And that strong stomach certainly isn’t a problem. This is just an upgrade from my lazy breakfast of leftover rice, fried egg, soy, and Shichimi Togarashi. Scallion only if I don’t have to talk to people the rest of the morning.

  • Pim

    Talk to people, like, face to face? I don’t do that till much later in the afternoon. That’s why I work at home I think. I’m still in my PJs, actually. (Did I just say that out loud?)

  • RG

    This basically sounds like how I make larb, except for serving it on rice, and the extra fat. Fat is not where the flavor is, salt is where the flavor is!

  • Pim

    Really? Interesting. I make laab very differently. It uses dried chilli rather than fresh, for a start.

  • Heather

    This looks gorgeous and delicious. I hope I can track down some appropriate basil!
    Thanks for the shopping link as well; I’ve been looking everywhere for thai chili powder but I guess I’ll have to bite the bullet and just order it online – then I can finally make your Pad Thai with all of the appropriate ingredients.

  • denise (chez danisse)

    looks simple and delicious. i like the addition of an egg–yum! do you buy your holy basil starts at the ferry plaza farmers market in sf? i hope so. if so, i’m going to buy some myself.

  • Jen

    Pim -
    Can you do a post on laab? That’s my all time favorite thai dish. I order laab (ground pork version) at Sripaphai (the #1 ranked Thai restaurant in NYC!) every time. I would love to know how you make yours.

  • RG

    Yes, dried versus fresh, completely different. I also add onions and carrots and probably more lemon than you do, so you’re right, not a similar dish at all. :)

  • Implosion

    Thanks Pim, I’m going to try this- this seems like perfect comfort food. I’d like to try this with wagyu beef mince instead of pork- Curious to hear your thoughts on using beef as an alternative?
    I’m an absolute beginner in cooking at home, but I LOVE this recipe.

  • Nutmeg Nanny

    This looks so full of flavor and super delicious. I think my favorite part is the egg on top. I love how it gets crispy on the edges.


    Man that looks good. Thanks for the “recipe”


    Tonight I used chopped pork chop. And dried bird chiles. And regular Thai basil. It wasn’t hot enough so I practically drenched it in sriracha. So, not really the same at all…
    And yet, absolutely delicious. The union of that outrageously floral fresh basil with sizzling spice is, well, holy.

  • Jimmy-in-Seattle

    Pimmy, sawadee kup….Now your talking..I mean cooking! Nice job! Good photos too!!…..I’ve been back from Thailand less than a month. Yesterday I purchased plane tickets to go back next week! I can’t help myself!!

  • plumpernickel

    I made this with chicken and it was DIVINE. I used normal basil, however and increased the amounts of garlic and chillies. It was almost as good as eating pad krapow in Thailand. I love your recipes. Would this work with mutton?

  • Peko P

    Hi Pim,
    I love your site!
    I have had this dish so many times and love, love, love it. I have never had it here in Japan though. I could really go for a dish now though!

  • Eat Me Outta Here

    Fish Sauce! Everyone needs to have a bottle at home of this delicious stuff!

  • Alta

    I want this for breakfast this morning! Sounds delish!

  • RG

    Our exchange about this dish versus larb had me thinking about the concept of chunking, that becoming an expert at stuff involves making different things the same. I don’t even make larb the same way every time, I add more veggies based on what I have around and how healthy I’m trying to be. Dried versus fresh pepper absolutely makes a difference in taste at the end, just as the shape that I cut a vegetable makes a difference, and whether I have it over rice or on lettuce leaves makes a difference. Oh, the other thing this recipe is desperately missing is some fresh coriander – I like to use the stems in a strong-flavored dish like this especially.
    I’ve meant to ask this 5 times, but what is in that picture? It looks like roasted pound cake with roasted peaches on top of marshmallow fluff. Please tell me it’s not marshmallow fluff.

  • johanna

    so i think i made the something between pad krapow and the laab thing you refer to in the comments above because i made this tonight with dry chili instead of fresh. was SO delicious. also i confess that i added onion and used “regular” basil because i had some growing on the roof – hope that’s not too much of a bastardization, pim. anyway was lovely – so savory and satisfying – will definitely make this again. now i just need to plant some holy basil!

  • josh

    onions, carrots, and lemon (oh my!) in laap? that’s too crazy for me…
    the only thing i can see similar is the use of ground pork, the stir-frying (as in laap khua) and the use of fresh herbs, although i’ve certainly never heard of laap with kraphraaw.

  • Joan

    I so need to try all your Thai recipes !!!

  • Maurice

    I have just got back from Thailand and can honestly say every time I go I discover a new dish. I find the Thai food in London (England) most of the time to be insulting to Thia cuisine.

  • thecatskillkiwi

    any excuse to walk down to chinatown to get thai basil!

  • Cristie

    I’ve tried to make a similar dish, but I can’t get the flavor to taste like my favorite Thai restaurant’s version. What kind of oil would you recommend and what kind of chilis?

  • debbzi

    I’ve just signed up simply to say – wonderful non-recipe.
    I threw in some shallots with the garlic and birds eyes. I only had lean ground pork (sorry) so I used that. The result was still fantastic but I’ll go for the fattier kind next time. And my husband says he wants two eggs on his.

  • Marysia

    Thanks for the recipe! I’ve just tried it – with beef. It turned out pretty good, but next time I’ll use even more garlic (we barely noticed the 6 cloves of garlic!!).
    And I loved the thai basil (I couldn’t find any holy basil)!

  • dapotato

    this is my hubby’s favorite dish in the gai/chicken version (he’s thai-chinese-american…). i’ll have to get the basil from my mother-in-law’s garden next time we visit and try my hand at it. yum.

  • Witwala

    Prik Nam Pla is a must!!

  • zerrin

    We generally use basil in fresh green salads in Turkey. This is totally new to me to use it in a dish. I adore its flavor, so I must try it with beef or chicken.

  • Prozac Nation

    It looks delicious. And I guess is taste is full of flavor because of the basil I guess.

  • UK Dissertation Help

    Blogs are so interactive where we get lots of informative on any topics nice job keep it up !!

  • thefreakfromfoodforme

    wow – i’m so looking forward to trying this – thankyou for providing such great detail!

  • Melody

    Oh, oh, oh!! I must have some. I love the egg on top, I think that would just make it so rich and fabulous.Using sugar to reduce spiciness? That’s new to me, but potentially very valuable, since I always overestimate how hot-tolerant my palette is. Thanks!

  • cheap fioricet

    Hi pim,
    You have a great site, I like it! Keep it up! more power!!!
    I’m starving right now.. :)

  • Taylor Young

    One of my favorite dishes as well. Thanks for posting your recipe. This is going to get made very soon. :)
    Passport Foodie

  • Will J

    Hi Pim,
    Would you be so kind enough to let me “stem” your holy basil plant from your backyard? ;-) Or at least tell me where can I get them (grow/ buy).
    I live in bay area for the last 10 yrs now, but grew up in SE Asia. There are a few spices & ingredients that I diligently scavenge as nothing here can have the closest resemblance of. Some replacement works OK, but Bai Krapow is not one of them.
    I’m still on the look out for lesser-galangal, fresh turmeric, etc. If you happen to know where can one score some of these too… :-)

  • Wedding Girl

    It does look delicious. Especially using the chilis.

  • jonathan

    Wow, Thai foods are exotic. This one must be too! Great recipe, thanks!

  • Bethany (Dirty Kitchen Secrets)

    This looks divine and combines all my favorites! So yummy, I want to skip breakfast and go on straight to this!

  • Tony Frost

    My favourite food is Thai, I also cook a lot. I can not get Holy Basil, all the other ingredients, no problem. My wife just visited the Hampton Court show and bought me back a Thai basil plant which is nice and healthy. I grow a lot of herbs so would like to be able to grow Holy basil in profusion. I am a bit scared to remove leaves from my plant in case I can’t replace it. How do you propogate?

  • Yen

    This is one of my favourite thai dish too.

  • princessgemma

    Thank you for the great recipe.
    Where did you purchase Krapow starts in the bay area? I’d love to grow some!

  • A. Elder

    Yum…It looks like a great hangover food, or late-night after-drinking food–like much street food, I guess. But it’s also just the kind of comforting thing I’d want to eat on a cold winter night. Or, yes, for breakfast.

  • Pim

    I’m with you there.

  • Pim

    Buying online is great when your local stores don’t stock the ingredients you need. Plus chilli powder last a long time, so you can order a large-ish amount and keep them for future use.

  • Pim

    I bought mine from the Santa Cruz farmers market, but I’ve seen them at the Ferry Plaza too. They are sometimes labeled Tulsi, which is the south Indian name.

  • Pim

    I’ll do a laab post soon. :-)

  • Pim

    Beef will work just fine, but using wagyu would be sort of overkill, no?

  • Pim

    That’s how we fry sunny-side-up eggs in Thailand, baby.

  • Pim

    you’re “welcome”

  • Pim

    See-ra-sha is kosher on everything.

  • Pim

    Probably, although with such a strong meat I’d use even more garlic and basil.

  • Pim

    That’s great!

  • Pim


  • Pim

    If you’re in Bangkok, you could!

  • Pim

    It’s pound cake warmed in a pizza oven topped with roasted apricot over whipped cream. It’s crazy good.

  • Pim

    Hey if it tasted good to you! We cook with what’s available to us.

  • Pim

    Yes you do! And don’t forget to come back and tell me how you like them, please.

  • Pim

    You just have to keep going back to Thailand, don’t you? They could use the tourist dollars now, trust me.

  • Pim


  • Pim

    I’m not sure what your favorite Thai restaurant’s version is like so it would be hard to comment. Perhaps you could ask them?
    I use neutral-flavor oil, like sunflower or grapeseed. I don’t like peanut oil in stir-fries.

  • Pim

    I love non-recipes. That’s how we cook anyway, no? Who bothers to measure out everything?
    I can see why you love your husband, two eggs, bravo!

  • Pim

    Tailor it to your heart’s content. Garlic varies a lot, some are strong, some are not so much, so just use as much or as little as you like.

  • Pim

    I love the Gai version too. Sometimes I do it with whole pieces of dark meat chicken.

  • Pim

    Yeah it works, but I don’t recommend it. You end up with far too much sugar than you need. It’s better to learn to temper the heat level to your taste, really.

  • Pim

    You’re welcome. Post it on your blog and come back to give us a link here? I’d love to see it.

  • Pim

    I’ve seen holy basil starts at quite a few farmers markets in the area. Most of them are labeled Tulsi, which is the South Indian name for the herb I was told. I’ve seen fresh turmeric at many asian markets in the are. Lesser Galangal, or Krachai, is harder to find. The Thai market in Berkeley always carries frozen ones, which work ok in most paste recipes.

  • Pim

    I haven’t tried propagate mine yet, I just buy them as starter plants. I usually cut the top and let the plants replenish before cutting again. I’ll have to figure out what to do this winter…

  • Pim

    The Ferry Plaza farmers market. Or the Santa Cruz downtown farmers market where I got mine.

  • Pim

    and lunch…and brunch…and elevenses…

  • princessgemma

    Thanks so much Pim! Yet another reason to go to the market at Ferry Plaza.

  • Mathilde’s Cuisine

    Looks like an absolutely delicious recipe. I don’t cook thai food very often (my French backgroud isn’t very helping!) but every of your recipes is a new world for me and I love it! I still have your Pad Thai recipe to try as well..

  • chepdaoNYC

    Great post! I wish I had easy access to fresh Krapow leaves like you. I may be weird by doing this, but I love to drizzle some sweet chilli sauce(that sauce you have with Thai grilled chicken–they also come in a bottle) over the fried egg to go with this dish…mmm delicious!

  • Eat Blog Sleep

    Yum! One of my fave childhood dishes – this post has me feeling homesick !! Really wish I could get bai krapow in my part of the world …

  • Pat

    Hey Pim, It was delicious. I used holy basil because it was in my garden and ate it with fregola because we had some leftover, and we’re a fusion family anyway. Next time, jasmine rice from Thailand. Thanks for the tasty dinner. Pat

  • chef4cook

    Yes, fat is flavor. The dish sounds good. I’ll have to try it sometime.

  • Laura

    Have you ever tried to grow holy basil from seed? You absolutely cannot get it (the herb in a grocery or the plant in a greenhouse or either in a farmer’s market–not even SE Asian markets carry it) around here and your description of the difference between the basils has me awfully bummed I cannot try the holy basil instead. Maybe I should try growing it in my window sill?
    As an aside for any of your readers in ever further po dunk than me who cannot get Thai basil, I think purple basil makes a pretty good sub. Certainly better than Italian.

  • Tina

    Thanks for this delicious recipe! My friend Chilli Walter loved it so much she posted a link to it on her blog which is how I found it. It has just the right amount of heat and flavour, it is very addictive. I have made this dish several times in the last few weeks!
    My local chinese butcher is always very happy to mince some pork belly for me, I get a kilo or two and freeze it in 500g portions. I served gai lan on the side with a little oyster sauce and sesame oil tossed through which complemented the pork dish perfectly.

  • Eleanor van Overdijk

    Pim, that looks awesome; I must try it. I am also anxious to try your Phat Thai recipe as I have been looking for an authentic one for quite a while and youra fits the bill. Its hard to find a good Phat Thai, especially in Arizona.

  • Violet

    That looks like serious comfort food. Yummy.

  • Sandy

    Wish me luck, I’m going to attempt this tomorrow night. It’s my favorite, I’ve eaten it for 20 years but have never made it. I prefer mine with chicken and I have plenty of Thai basil. Now to pick up the chili’s and fish sauce.
    If I succeed, I may venture to sticky rice and mango! While I love Thai food, I’ve been afraid to try my hand at cooking it. I’ve been reading your blog and FB and you make it sound so easy. We’ll see!!!

  • Mary-Anne Durkee

    There are so many crosses on the Thai basils here in the US. I buy seeds at Chatuchuak Park and they are truer to the ones here. However-all are good!
    I also love using bai mangluk (Thai Lemon Basil) with seafood. It is not common here.
    Do you know a source for chaploo/shaploo plants here in N. California?

  • Brad

    This is my recipe for Pad Kraphao-
    Peanut Oil
    Pork or Chicken, sliced or ground.
    Kraphao-Holy Basil
    Green beans
    Fried egg
    Oyster sauce
    light soy sauce
    fish sauce
    sri racha
    chicken stock
    little sugar
    pinch of pepper
    1. Soak the Kraphao in water.
    2. Chop chilies and garlic. Same style as Pim.
    2. I wouldn’t use a pound of meat when cooking, just a fistful, just like in Thailand.
    4. Season oil with garlic and chilis- 30 seconds. Don’t burn or tastes bitter.
    5. Add meat
    6. When meat half cooked, add mushrooms and green beans
    7. Cook veggies to desired doneness, fairly quick though.
    I like to combine all sauce ingredients together to balance to my personal tastes instead of free poor.
    Light on fish sauce and sri racha, because it becomes too overpowering.
    Stir fry everything quickly, then take off heat and add basil and pepper, maybe dash of lime or vinegar. I like the tang of that at the end.

  • Pattaya Essentials

    That dish looks delicious, I don’t think I’ve had it here locally or on my trips to Thailand. We’re headed out for Thai food on Wednesday…think I’ll have to look for it on the menu.

  • CucumberPandan in Jakarta

    I used to live in southern California where there was easy access to several great neighborhood Thai restaurants, and Pad Krapow was one of my favorite dishes. Ever since I returned to Jakarta (Indonesia) a year and a half ago, I had to learn to cook this dish out of necessity, since that’s the only way I could satisfy my Pad Krapow craving (there’s no nearby Thai restaurant…).
    The great thing is that Holy Basil is easily obtainable here, and I’ve been making this very often (really loading up on the basil!), sometimes with the addition of green beans (sliced thinly at an angle). … and not forgetting the fried egg on top! :)

  • BigGirlPhoebz

    totally agree!! I order laab at Sripaphai all the time as well, but would love to be able to make it at home. I usually order the chicken version. But this dish really hit my pork craving. And I most certainly would eat it for breakfast as well!
    Thanks again!


    Wonderful! A co-worker just gave me a bunch of Thai basil (although not holy). This sounds sooo good- I can’t wait to try it tonight.

  • Sylvia

    This is wonderful. I’m so glad you posted it.

  • Berndte

    I just ate Pad Krapow Moo, followed rougly your recipe.
    It was sublime. Maybe the best thaifood I ever made or ate!
    I fried the pork till it was golden, together with the garlic and the spicy chilies a great umami flavor evolved.
    Mixed with plain rice and a soft egg…unbelievable!
    Thank you!

  • thai food restaurants in capitola santa cruz

    tasty !

  • Levinson-Axelrod

    Enjoyed reading through this recipe. Thanks for posting, it looks delicious.

  • Restaurant Capitola

    So delicious !

  • kanit

    For info on Thai food and cuisine, and Thai food history.
    Pls search: authentic, thai, cuisine, kanit

  • executive training programs

    Wow, this looks delicious! Reminds me of something I thought I invented and prepared very often a couple of years ago. I have to try this recipe.

  • Bee

    I have been looking for Holy Basil everywhere,
    and can’t find it… Guess I’ll have to make a
    trip to the next Farmers Market around here and grab some starters and grow it myself!!
    After living in Bangkok for 3 years, this is one of my and my husband’s favourite dishes… definitely a regular on our menu (along with everything else – I’m so glad I bought “proper” Thai cookbooks before we came back to Oz!)

  • Dave W

    Looks very much like the one I make – only difference is I add a teaspoon or so of ground white pepper at about the same time I add the fish sauce – gives another heat level/depth. Yum yum.

  • Silvana

    This recipe is outstanding! It was my introduction into Thai cooking … and the very recipe that got me hooked on your blog :) I have to say I have made it so many times that mine is actually better than my friend’s (who is from Thailand … she agrees :) It is my family’s favorite recipe to this day!

  • Joe

    Love it. The spicier the better in my opinion, but I think it’s criminal to substitute the fish sauce!

  • Winstrol

    This is a wonderful dish. Thanks for the tip.

  • marcus

    i just found ‘ holy basil’ seeds today. Its very hard to find this fresh at the markets here in australia. Hopefully its going to be the Krapow used in thai cooking. Im in love with this plant. I would describe that it has a nearly curry type fragrance. Does anyone agree??

  • MichaelH

    This dish is THE ONE that I love and remember most from my years in Thailand … living all over the country. I now make it at home for my adoring friends. I have a great Asian grocery store blocks away that has Bai Kaprow regularly. There is no substitute, in my opinion. There is, however, a more citric basil that is common to Vietnamese cuisine that is a more delicious option than Bai Horapha. Can’t remember the name of it though.

    Michael H., Portland

  • Chef

    You can order seeds from

  • Avantika

    this is the best recipe!!! i had it for the first tym for my honeymoon:):) memories.. thanks a lot for the recipe..anyway, i found amazing recipes on http:// www. U can find cooking classes too! its awesome..:):):)

  • Holy basil

    Thanks for the post. I liked it a lot and I feel that there are many reasons to opt for herbal and natural cures as they are inexpensive and have minimal side effects. :)

  • Palisa_l

    Marcus, should you find yourself venturing to the Haymarket side of Chinatown in Sydney or most asian grocers in most towns/cities you will find that Grapao is available a good deal of the year. Also you can seeds from based in Tasmania. It is also widely known as sacred basil, you may find that seeds are often sold under that name.

  • Joan

    I’m going to make this when I get home! I need to learn how to make authentic Thai food. My trip to Thailand was pretty amazing.

  • La-or

    Love the post, this is amongst the best street food you can get in Thailand, a must try for any traveler to Thailand.

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  • Michael

    I worked in Chiang May, and i ate it every day it was like drug for me, couldent get enough and the kradow suk suk dont mind the spelling, have to go with it, i dont know where in Denmark or europa i kan get krapow basil, but the basil we have here in europa is to sweet

  • Anonymous
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  • Sallyjoesue

    Wow I am hungry just reading this. I heard about your sight from food network, Foodography. I am grateful that I was watching this evening. Inwill be coming back.

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  • Steve

    Thanks for this – We’ve just grown a great smelling pot full of Thai basil and were looking for a recipe to do it justice

  • Margaret Brown

    I just made this exactly as you did (minus the thick soy sauce). Awesome. One day I will go to Thailand and taste how it is supposed to be made. Thanks for the recipe. I also got to prune my holy basil :D

  • anthonyc

    This is one of my favourite thai dishes, it has got everything…aromatic flavour and adjustable heat! Quick and easy, hard to beat….

  • Ramin Assemi

    I disagree that substituting holy basil with Thai basil will taste just as good! But I do agree that it’s a dish that’s really hard to screw up, even I made a supertasty pad krapao on my first try, and the only other thing I’m really confident cooking is… well, boiled egg? ;-)

  • niya

    What is the differences between horapa and kaprao? I cannot tell the plant apart. Also they have similar taste, but horapa seems less strong?