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Menu for Hope campaign extended to Dec. 31st

We are doing so well considering the economic climate, let’s see if we could raise a little bit more money if we extended the campaign for a few more days.  The new deadline for Menu for Hope raffle is December 31st, midnight PDT.

Thank you so much for your support, and happy holidays to you and yours.

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Kicking the second week into gear, Menu for Hope is now over $20K!

Mfh5smallThe second week of our Menu for Hope V has begun, and we're doing marvelously well – all things considered – at over US$ 20K.  At this very moment I am writing this post we are at $20,465.00, to be precise.  We have quite a way to go before catching up with what we did last year at $90K, so please don't quit yet.  If you've already given and tried your luck at a few prizes, perhaps you can tell a few friends and see if they had a tenner to spare for us and the children and farmers in Lesotho?

Something of a tradition now for us, going into the second week, is our customary pimping out – as our friend David Lebovitz elegantly put it – of prizes that are great and deserving of a little more lurve.  David himself pointed up – or pimped up, to stay with our metaphor – quite a few himself.

Of course, as the grande poobah of this campaign, I must first say I love all the prizes evenly (thanks food blogging and food-wine loving friends for offering these amazing prizes!).  But as a greedy fool who wishes she could play in the raffle herself, I guess I could point out a few that I would love love love to win…

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Through their eyes

Mfh5smallJust like we did before last year’s Menu for Hope, not long before this year’s campaign began our friend Richard Lee at the WFP dropped off a bunch of disposable cameras with the children at White Hill Primary School, one of the beneficiary schools in the remote areas of Lesotho.  We wanted those children to share with us their world, through their own eyes and not mediated by the lens of the pros. 

What returned with the cameras was no less than astonishing, especially considering that some of these children have hardly seen a camera, never mind having worked with one.  Here’s a selection of my favorite shots from this year’s lot, and if you haven’t seen the ones from last year, you should check them out as well. 

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Menu for Hope and the World Food Program


Last year’s Menu for Hope raised over $90K.  In case you’re wondering about what happened to that money, here’s a little report from the World Food Program.

WfplogosmallIt bought 388,000 meals in Lesotho schools, which fed over 19,000 poor hungry children with school meals for a whole month.  The children received food in primary schools across the remote mountainous areas of Lesotho, which are the poorest and hungriest parts of the country. 

Some of the money was used to buy food from local small scale farmers practicing sustainable farming methods in remote areas, providing them with guaranteed market for their products.  In 2007, the WFP bought 8 tons of maize from local farmers.  In 2008, with the funds from Menu for Hope 4, we bought 36 tons of maize from small scale farmers, four times as much as the year before.  This increase is very important, as showing the promise of a reliable market encourages farmers to invest more on their farms and in turn produce more.


This buy-local initiative is a win all around, for the farmers, for the children and the WFP, since it costs around $150 less overall per ton to buy from the local small scale farmers in Lesotho than buying and transporting the food in from abroad to the remote areas of the country.  This is also a win for the environment, as it uses a lot less fuel in transport.

Why should we continue our support for this program?

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Menu for Hope V: master list of raffle prizes

Updated with new prizes!

UW01: Master Food Styling Class II Workshop, January 31 & Feb 1, 2009, Los Angeles, California.

Our West Coast host Matt of Matt Bites had this to say about this prize.
"You’re bidding on a two-day workshop in Los Angeles, California. In
this 2-day seminar you’ll learn about styling, plating and garnishing
breakfast foods as well as working with real ice cream and frozen
desserts. Although this is a level 2 class offered by Denise I’m more
than positive you’ll get so much from this workshop. And if you’re a
food blogger chances are you have some experience with getting food on
your plate to look good already. Please note that this is a new
curriculum not offered before so it’s extra exciting!  To top it all
off I’ll be there the entire time taking pictures of the class and
working with you on the photo aspect of it all." 
From Mattbites and the amazing Denise Vivaldo of Food Fantatics

UW02 and UW03 (two prizes): O Olive Oil Butler Trays

Uw02_2Again from Matt, "The amazing folks at O Olive Oil have donated
again this year to Menu Of Hope and I’m pleased to offer their two
gifts here. What you’re bidding on is an O Olive Oil Butler Tray
complete with an assortment of oils and vinegars. But not just ANY oil
and vinegar. As you may know I’m obsessed with everything they do
because they are all about quality and flavor. Not to mention amazing
wonderfully gracious guys. These Butler Trays can go for a lot and make
the best gifts but of course I wouldn’t fault you if you kept them for
yourself. I promise to look the other way. "

UW04: $100 King Arthur Flour Gift Card

Susan at Wild Yeast.
If you’re a baker, you already know the King Arthur catalog, the
premier souce of flour and other baking supplies.  If you haven’t heard
of them, then you should get a raffle ticket for this prize
immediately, where have you been?  Susan at Wild Yeast is offering $100 gift card.


UW05: Cuisinart ICE-50 Ice Cream Maker

A very special prize from David Lebovitz.  The lucky winner will
be churning out ice cream all year round with this fabulous,
professional-style Cuisinart ICE-50 Ice Cream Maker!

This heavy-duty, stainless-steel machine will have you lapping up all
sorts of ice creams, sorbets, and sherbets with just the flip of a

Donated by Cuisinart USA,
this machine is self-refrigerating and ready when you are. No need to
pre-freeze canisters—just pour your mixture in, and soon you’ll be
scooping out all of your favorite flavors.

This prize can only shipped to continental US.

UW06: Popcorn Gift Set 

From Lara Ferroni of Cook & Eat.  Here’s what Lara says: When I found out I was taking photos for a book on cookbook entirely based on popcorn, I was a little stunned. I tried to think of even 10 recipes, and came up short. But after shooting over 20 different recipes for this popcorn book (which contains over 60 recipes), not only was I not sick of popcorn, I had an entirely new appreciation for the treat. Here are a few ideas: popcorn s’mores! popcorn bananas foster!  Gorgonzola and Green Onion! Popcorn Shrimp with popcorn in the batter! I’ve pulled together this simple popcorn package to let you share in some my new discoveries.  This kit includes:  16 oz. of premium white popcorn 1 oz. asiago and cracked black pepper seasoning 1.6 oz. tangy dill and garden herb seasoning 1.8 oz. sweet and salty kettle corn seasoning a small jar of my homemade zhatar mix 4 oz. grapeseed oil sprizter 8.45 oz Urbani White Truffle Oil A copy of Popcorn One large bright red popcorn bowl

UW07:Best of the Ferry Building Gift Basket

Uw07From Anita at Married with Dinner, the very best from Sf Ferry Plaza, including
– Truffled artichoke tapenade from Lulu Petite
– Santa Rosa plum preserves from June Taylor
– Youk’s Sauce from Prather Ranch
– Holiday Breakfast Blend tea from Peet’s
– A pair of artisan "dark milk chocolate" bars from Recchiuti
– Ojo de Tigre beans from Rancho Gordo
– Rio Fuego "Very Hot Sauce" from Rancho Gordo
– Extra-virgin olive oil from Bariani
– Rosemary Salt from Eatwell Farm
– Bittersweet chocolate ganache from Scharffen Berger
– Beef jerky from Fatted Calf Charcuterie
– A copy of the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market Cookbook

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