Taste of the Nation, do some good this weekend?


Have you got plans for this weekend?  Join us for dinner at Taste of the Nation San Francisco.

There will be food from Elizabeth Faulkner of Orson and Citizen Cake, Nate Appleman of A16, Stuart Brioza of Rubicon, and more.  The wines will be selected by Christie Dufault of Quince, Paul Einbund of Coi, Shelley Lindgren of A16/SPQR, and Larry Stone of Rubicon Estate, to name just a few.  Those of you Iron Chef fans will be happy to see The Man himself, the new Iron Chef Michael Symon, plus three contestants Chris Cosentino, Gavin Keysan, and Traci des Jardins.

See, there’s something for a foodie of every stripe?  Better yet, the proceeds will benefit the Share Our Strength’s fund to end childhood hunger.  You can read more about Taste of the Nation and Share Our Strength here.

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2 Responses to “Taste of the Nation, do some good this weekend?

  • Tiffany Pendant said:
    February 8th, 2010 at 10:21pm

    Well!!! I thought I always made the best chicken soup until now. I followed your recipe to a T except I did add a qt of Wolfgang Pucks chicken stock (sorry – I just can’t break away from the stuff) I loved the touch of curry but I believe the secret to your recipe is the bones! Never have I ever extracted so much flavor in my soup. I’m a believer. I also agree about the fat. I only skimmed the foam but left the fat – something I’ve been always told to do but NO MORE! This soup has so much flavor I believe it is better than restaurant quality. Thank you so much for posting it. Now I’m gearing up to make your awesome Pad Thai now that I have all the ingredients bought.

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