MfH4 host information

Hi my Menu for Hope 4 hosts,

First of all, thanks for joining us to help out. Together we are going to shatter the records last year! Let me introduce you to each other.

Johanna of The Passionate Cook and Jeanne of Cook Sisiter
Fanny of Food Beam
US: West Coast
Bee of Rasa Malaysia
US: Central
Kalyn of Kalyn’s Kitchen
US: East Coast
Adam Kuban of Slice NY and Serious Eats
Jennifer of The Domestic Goddess
Asia Pacific, Australia, New Zealand
Helen of Grab Your Fork

and, last but not least, our special Wine Blog Host
Alder of Vinography

Here’s a list of your responsibilities

1. Assign Prize Code to every prize from bloggers in your area. Bloggers are not allowed to propose a prize and put up a post on their own, they need to get the prize approved by the regional hosts first (by email), and be assigned a prize code so that donors can use to specify their choice when donating. See more notes on the prizes below.

2. Maintain a list of bloggers who put up prizes in your area. If you’re inclined, using Excel is a good idea. Email me and I’ll send you a template if you want. Basically you should keep the url of the blog, the name/email address of the blogger, the prize they put up, and the prize code.

3. On the first day of the campaign, do a big post about Menu for Hope, listing *all* the prizes in your regional area, linking each prize to the blog who proposed the prize. You should also provide a link back to the main list on Chez Pim. Please don’t link to other regional hosts during the first day. I want to point everyone back to the hub, the main list with all the prizes.

4. During the campaign, your main job is to be the cheerleader for the prizes in your area. Last year, the regional hosts did round-up type posts almost every day, grouping the many prizes in your area into categories, or perhaps write about the overlooked prizes that need more attention, etc. If you want to write about a number of prizes from other regions, please feel free to do so, and do link to the regional host blog for that region on that post if you’d like. It will be less confusing in general, however, to link back only to the main list of prizes on Chez Pim, instead of listing a whole list of regional blogs at the end of each post.

5. Also, if you’d like, you could write a few posts about the WFP. They’ll provide a bunch of documents that will give you background stuff to write about. We will also have pictures from Africa, taken by the children in the school lunch program and the farmers in the local procurement program. Please feel free to use them on your blog.

6. There will inevitably be people wanting to add more prizes after the campaign has begun. Again, I’d like to leave it to your judgement. If the prizes are really cool and valuable, and you feel that they will bring in more donation, please feel free to accept them.

7. Maintain a current, exhausive list of all prizes in your area. It’s a good idea to go back and add to the post you put up on the first day and use that one as the current, full list, since I’ll be linking to that list from the main Menu for Hope page on Chez Pim.

A little note on the prizes.
In the past years, the criteria for prizes have been a little soft.
I’d like to be more strict this year, but it’s difficult to do so, so
I’m just going to basically leave it to your collective good
judgement. Basically, the prizes that are put up should each be
valuable enough to generate a good interest, let’s say, 20 bidders, on
their own. It’s hard to say, however, what prize would attract
donors. Last year the seemingly trivial prize such as naming a first
born ewe got us quite a good chunk of change, while other more
expensive prizes were somewhat overlooked.

One thing we can do is to stress to the bloggers that the prizes that
they want to put up should appeal to their readers – even if the only
have ten or twenty of them. It should be something that would inspire twenty of their readers to donate for it. Again, this is not something we can really enforce, but I hope that stressing the point to the bloggers might help. We should also point out that besides putting up prizes, they could also participate by putting our banners or adstrips up on their site during the campaign, or post about Menu for Hope from their blog without offering their own prize.

I suggest that you ask the bloggers to submit two graphics for the prize 100x100pix and 250x250pix. Uniform graphic size will make your life a whole lot easier when posting the prize round up.

Logos, banners, adstrips:
They will be published on a media page next week. Bloggers can take any graphic they want to use on their site.

I will suggest to bloggers that they submit their prizes (with descriptions and two images) to the regional hosts next Wednesday, and by Friday at the latest. That will give you the weekend and the latter part of the week to put together the first post on Monday. Let me know if you need any help at all about that.

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