Menu for Hope 4 raffle announcement postponed to Friday

We are having a bit of technical difficulties, and must postpone the announcement of the winners from our Menu for Hope 4 raffle until Friday (Jan 11).

So sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. See you back here on Friday.

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  • Scotty J

    Ouch…. Hope you resolve everything. I am assuming that emails notifing winners will go out at the same time?

  • Julie

    In the immortal words of Willy Wonka, “The suspense is killing me; I hope it lasts!” =D See you Friday!

  • Adele

    Yay! There’s still hope!

  • sandra

    So thrilling!!!!
    We waiting for you Pim! :)

  • Mark V Marino

    Thank you for being so brave as to think to do so kind a thing to help others, I await to see who I may serve… and I love to cook hahaha

  • Tiffany Pendant

    Well!!! I thought I always made the best chicken soup until now. I followed your recipe to a T except I did add a qt of Wolfgang Pucks chicken stock (sorry – I just can’t break away from the stuff) I loved the touch of curry but I believe the secret to your recipe is the bones! Never have I ever extracted so much flavor in my soup. I’m a believer. I also agree about the fat. I only skimmed the foam but left the fat – something I’ve been always told to do but NO MORE! This soup has so much flavor I believe it is better than restaurant quality. Thank you so much for posting it. Now I’m gearing up to make your awesome Pad Thai now that I have all the ingredients bought.