Hope is alive and well



Twenty one thousand four hundred eighty six dollars and thirty two cents

and not monopoly money…..

thank you thank you thank you

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  • http://www.cityhippy.net City Hippy

    Wow! Wow! Wow!
    So proud to be a part of this Pim…unbelievable!
    Namaste and Ho Ho Ho

  • http://wednesdaychef.typepad.com Luisa

    WHAT?!?! Amazing! And, by the way, are you familiar with Archy and Mehitabel? Your post sounded like their poetry… Merry x-mas!

  • http://kalynskitchen.blogspot.com Kalyn

    That is wonderful news. I am grateful to be able to be a tiny, tiny part of it. Pim, you should be so proud of what you have been able to inspire in others. Best Wishes.

  • http://www.tigersandstrawberries.com Barbara Fisher

    Pim–I am just as in awe as you are. I saw it last night and nearly fell out of my chair. When I told my daughter, she jumped up and down and said, “See! Blogs -can- change the world!”
    It is a beautiful thing that food bloggers have done, because you had a great idea. Thank you for having the idea and organizing it.

  • http://www.davidlebovitz.com David

    You are the best for organizing this! Congrads on the big turnout and raising so much money to help. You deserve a few scoops of glace Berthillon as well…let me know when you’re ready to come back to Paris for your ‘cornet de glace’…(le veritable) David

  • http://www.silverbrowonfood.com/silverbrow_on_food/2005/12/menu_for_hope_i_1.html Silverbrow on Food

    Menu for Hope II (2)

    UPDATEThe raffle is set to close in the next couple of hours and quite astoundingly Pim has raised $21,716.32. ———— As I posted previously, Pim is holding a fund raising raffle (I incorrectly called it an auction in my earlier

  • http://inpraiseofsardines.typepad.com/blogs/ Brett

    Wow! You did such an amazing job organizing this event and inspiring us all to participate. Writing about food and wine sometimes feels a little frivolous, so I thoroughly enjoyed participating in an event that demonstrated the good will and generosity of the food blogging community and our readership. This “season of giving” was the perfect time to hold the Menu of Hope event. Bravo, Pim!

  • andrea Kim

    that is amazing. it’s amazing what can happen with the spark of one great idea and the word of it spreading via food blogs. thanks for your inspiring energy and drive, and to the generosity it brought forth from so many people!
    it helps me to have increased hope in the good that people can do.

  • http://www.elise.com/recipes Elise

    Hi Pim – Amazing! Thank you so much for organizing this little holiday miracle.

  • http://cookingwithamy.blogspot.com/ Amy

    Again, kudos to you Pim for making this happen. You have truly helped us all make a difference and it doesn’t get any better than that.

  • vicki

    So…are you going to post the winners’ names on this website? And when? Or will they be notified privately?

  • http://www.panamagourmet.blogs.com melissa_cookingdiva

    Pim, what a fantastic job you have done!!! For a second year, THANK YOU!
    Many hugs and Happy Holidays from Panama!

  • http://www.lenndevours.com Lenn

    This is amazing, Pim. Really. It’s amazing how much was given, on all sides of this project.

  • http://glutenfreegirl.com shauna

    Pim, you have all our deepest gratitude, for letting us be a part of this. For making it happen.

  • Kudzu

    Pim — Your efforts and those of your fellow bloggers (and all the participants/donors) are impressive. I didn’t contribute because I had given my alms to a benefit organized by some terrific teenagers (including two of my grandsons) at San Marin High. In an afternoon of music, drama, and art they raised $12,000 to go to Habitat for Humanity to be used in the Gulf States…All of you are generous and caring human beings and both these money-raising campaigns are evidence of what we can do. Thanks.

  • http://sweetnicks.blogspot.com Sweetnicks

    Wow – totally awesome! Just means for Menu for Hope III, you’ll have to dream even bigger!

  • http://www.ifantabulous.com Lil

    wow, wow, wow!! well done pim, you’ve done a fabulous job, and thanks to fellow bloggers who contributed, whether in prizes and/or in bidding for prizes or just donating for this very good cause!

  • http://zigzackly.blogspot.com/ Peter

    Great work, Pim. Proud to know you.