The Alain Passard dinners at Manresa, just the food ma’am

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Some more shots from the Manresa/Arpège dinners last weekend. This set is just the food, ma’am. Just the food. More pictures of the fun inside the kitchen to follow.

I won’t tell you how the food tasted. I’m far too biased to be a good reporter on this one, so you’ll just have to see what others have said about the dinners instead.

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  • Robert-Gilles Martineau

    Dear Pim!
    The least I may say about Alain Passard is that he tends to digress (with all his genius intact, mind you!). Some years ago, he decided to go “all vegetables” ( with a few exceptions). You have the impression to be “invited” to sample his discoveries. More and more on the same attitude adopted by the likes of Pierre Gagnaire!

  • elarael

    Mmm… such a beautiful and earthy menu. Wondering what the foam is on the carrot/chocolate dish? Also, it’s so good to see a restaurant/food post again! Loving it!

  • stephane

    cela fait déja un moment que je souhaite rencontrer ce chef, mais la tu m’as donné envie de passer la seconde pour essayer de la faire participer a mon site…

  • Jeremy


  • Chubbypanda

    I’m so jealous, I look like Shrek.

  • Michael

    Passard’s dishes seem the same dishes that he has been serving at Arpège at outrageous prices for at least 10 years. I have not eaten at Manresa, but cannot imagine that Chef Kinch is already on autopilot. I would have expected Passard to let himself inspire by the encounter and not reel off his standards.

  • The Corkdork

    Pim, El Bulli has nothing on this except crazy pieces of steel sculpture. Everything looks spectacular! -Corkdork

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