still lifes from dinner in a dark(ish) room







Somebody has got to know where this was….

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  • one food guy

    I don’t know where the pictures are from but I do know that in all their glorious blur, they look outstanding.

  • Jocelyn

    Well, it’s not Manresa. I took pictures of our dinner the other night, and it wasn’t anything like that :-) .

  • Single Guy Chef

    I don’t recognize if this is a restaurant or maybe you were testing dishes in your kitchen and blew a fuse?! :) But they’re actually more lit than some restaurants I’ve been to that is totally just eating by candlelight. I’m guessing this is one of those tapas places.

  • gerald

    Tchoup. Tchoup.
    I love this place, but I won’t give it away.

  • Evelyn

    I think it’s Cochon in NOLA.

  • Sara

    I second Cochon… Rabbit and Dumplings are divine… but the fried boudin rock. Did you try the hamhock? My husband thought it was a religious experience.

  • ashish

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  • Jennifer Brizzi

    Definitely Cochon–I loved every bite of those boudin balls last Tuesday when I went. Enjoyed your very informative talk on blogging at the IACP conference, too.

  • Chez US

    We just gave you a BIG E for Excellent Award! Check it out –
    ~ Chez US

  • Di

    South Food + Wine Bar? The Bushman’s plate is confusing me…

  • Peter

    Definitely Cochon.
    I remember the headcheese on the charcuterie platter anywhere. And it helps that I was there 9 days ago.

  • Judith Klinger

    Those boudin balls are crazy good.
    Welcome home!

  • Pim

    This was indeed at Cochon, and the meal was really quite lovely. I could eat those oysters, the ribs, and the boudin balls all day. I really could.
    Thanks Chez Us for the E for Excellence award. How sweet of you.

  • Tiffany Pendant

    I remember the headcheese on the charcuterie platter anywhere. And it helps that I was there 9 days ago.