Paris Paris


Arrived two days ago, and already made a visit to a secret garden. The bountiful garden isn’t exactly in Paris, but not too far from it. Whose garden is it? Do you know? I’ll give you a clue. These glorious vegetables are destined for une des meilleures tables -ou bien la meilleure table- à Paris.

Other random wanderings left us…..

…at Le Pain Quotidian for a lovely breakfast.

To a little aperitif before dinner at one of the cutest bistro rooms
in Paris, hidden somewhere behind the Pantheon. Anybody knows this one?


The first dinner was at L’Ourcine, an old favorite. The meal,
frankly, wasn’t the best one I’ve had there. The pork and veal(!) were
both badly overdone. I guess I’ll chalk it up to a bad night. The
room was still cute, the service really sweet, and the chef was still
seen at the pass, so I suppose I shouldn’t give up on them quite yet.
And, as always, mediocre meals were easily saved by lovely company.


Dinner last night was at Drouant, the newest outpost for Antoine Westermann of le Buerehiesel. I’m going to have to think about it a little more before posting on that one. We’re at breakfast now, and off to my favorite L’Astrance for lunch in a few hours, and then to hop on a flight to San Sebastian. Turbot is in the cards tonight!


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  • Richard

    My wife and I are in Paris as well this week. We did not enjoy Drouant. Staff was too aloof and dishes did not always work.

  • Richard

    My wife and I are in Paris as well this week. We did not enjoy Drouant. Staff was too aloof and dishes did not always work.

  • Liza

    OK, OK, Passard again… You lucky girl ! Enjoy your stay !

  • Liza

    And then you went to café de la Nouvelle Mairie, which used to be my hangout when I went to school in the neighborhood. I would go there everyday. And order the “tarte à la fourme d’Ambert” for lunch.
    Are you headed for “Akelaré” in San Sebastian ? That’s my favorite restaurant in the world, and the view is just stunning.

  • jeff

    Oh man…overdone pork..blah!

  • Aude

    Hi Pim,
    I’ll say Alain Passard’s garden where all the vegetables & fruits served at L’Arpège are from ???
    And bon appétit in Paris

  • Robert R.

    Alain Passard’s garden.

  • Susan

    Hmm, would that be the Potager du Roi in Versailles? I’ve had that bookmarked for some time but not yet had the chance to visit. Your photo looks more rural than the pictures on the website. Both make me sigh…

  • Andre

    Pim, thank you so much for reminding me of my days studying french at la sorbonne. i used to go to that cafe every morning for coffee before class. i am stuck in philadelphia studying for my USMLE and your block really allows me to escape. sooo excited to hear about san sebastian…

  • Dianka

    Oh Pim, I’m so jealous! Everything looks wonderful. I love Le Pain Quotidian for breakfast, it’s one of my favorites. Safe travels to you!

  • joanie

    Is the wine bar Les Papilles on Gay Lussac? We tried to get in but they were closing at 9:30 so we left with a bottle of wine.
    love your blog!

  • stinkerbell

    that looks like a LOVELY place. and it has to be just around the corner from me. Would love to know where it was :)

  • Pim

    Yeah, Druant was quite a disappointment, to say the least. The garden was indeed Alain Passard’s. What an enchanted place. I’m going to post more photos when I’m back to the Bay Area.
    Liza has got the name of the cafe right. You go girl. Here’s the address: 19 rue des Fossés-St-Jacques, in the 5th.
    Thanks everyone!

  • Ptipois

    Hey! Pim! I’ve still got a sunburn from you-know-where! Enjoy Spain and see you real soon!

  • Bill Summerville

    Hi Pim, I’m in the restaurant biz- wine side/owner and will be spending a week in Paris in October and very much want a table at Le Comptoir. I called, but they were booked until December. Any Suggestions? Thanks. Bill

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