How to wake up properly in Spain


A Cafe Cortado and a Rosquilla, that’s how.

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  • Jeff

    Ok…that looks INCREDIBLE!!

  • Rosa

    That looks fine!

  • Matt Armendariz

    Oops. I mean, well, oh yes, beautiful and glorious way to wake up in Spain. Toss a few medialunas in for good measure afterwards for breakfast part 2 and I’m a happy man.
    Or is that glutton? I forget.

  • shuna fish lydon

    anyone who says they don’t like doughnuts is either lying or lying.

  • Sean

    Oh, sigh. Cafe cortado. When we spent a month in Spain back in ’01, that’s how I started every single day, though usually with a piece of toasted crusty bread and marmalade. To die for. I love the Spanish coffee — so rich and chocolatey!

  • chaddq

    Mmm, puts the Clif bar I ate this morning to shame!

  • K

    …followed by a few slices of jamon Iberico for lunch. Yummo!

  • Alice Q.

    Now THAT is just plain mean!

  • fanny

    Think i’m going to book a flight right now…

  • Pierre

    Rosquilla: Originally from Cantabria region. You can find it also in Madrid, but in the rest of spain it is almost impossible to find a good rosquilla.
    Pierre from Barcelona

  • Dianka

    Oh I’m beyond jealous, I’m craving this right now!

  • Jane

    It looks great.

  • Elbereth

    Rosquillas, is one of the most popular recipe of tradicional sweets, in all regions of Spain. The best recipes are a monacal secret. All the mother have her own recipe. I’ve the mine. If somebody want it, email-me…
    From Asturias, North of Spain.

  • Spanish ham

    As Pierre suggested, rosquillas are not as popular in Barcelona as they are in other regions of Spain. Here, we’d rather have a slice of “pa amb tomàquet” (large toasted loaves of bread with tomato scrubbed on its surface, a little salt and olive oil), topped with some good spanish ham (preferably “jamon iberico de bellota”). Man, I’m salivating…
    Jose from Barcelona