Brown is the new black

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  • Nopisto

    So you’re going biodinamic, aren’t you?

  • Michel

    Sorry for the non-food related comment, but is that an Australian shepherd? Regardless, it’s a beautiful dog.

  • Kat

    Red merle Aussies are like sugar dusted cinnamon buns!

  • Dave

    Is there any commentary with “Brown is the new black?”

  • elarael

    Hi ! I would love to see an interview with David or whomever it is that choose the biodynamic method for the farm and just basically hear the whole farm story. Thanks!

  • sam

    of course. that is why I am dressed head to toe in brown today. Hmm, most days actually…
    i cant work out what that is so I am glad you didn’t ask this time.

  • Srdjan

    Although Pim hasn’t aksed what are those small things in egg cartons were, they are Purple Peruvian (yes, I can read!!!) POTATOES. More on these here:
    Thanks again for a nummy blog.

  • Dianka

    Great pictures, Pim! Brown is the new black, you’re right!

  • Carter

    Great photos!

  • staggerlee

    I actually thought those things in the egg cartons looked like the first black truffles of the season. They are often more grey or brown than black. Could that be what Pim meant by the title?