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Stuff the pork loin – Main Course

  • butcher’s twine
  • the pork loin
  • the stuffing made earlier
  • 1T olive oil
  • a generous handful of salt
  • the spices cracked earlier

Cut five even length of butcher’s twine, each one long enough to go around the loin with enough twine to tie.

Put the loin fat side up, slice it in half lengthwise , but don’t cut all the way through.  Leave a connected seam along one side so you could open it up like a book.  Spread the stuffing evenly on the bottom side, fold the top (fat) side over and tie five twines around the loin to hold it in place.

Rub the top with the olive oil, sprinkle a generous handful of salt over the top, then rub on the cracked spices.  Place on top of an oven-proof dish or pan.  Now the loin is ready for the oven.

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One Response to “Stuff the pork loin – Main Course

  • Ron said:
    November 26th, 2011 at 9:20pm

    Hi, Did I miss the oven temperature and cooking time for the pork?

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