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At Jazz Fest in New Orleans

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I'm at Jazz Fest in New Orleans listening to awesome music and eating even more awesome food. A little hot, a little muddy, but everyone's having a great time. So come on down! 

 Follow my Via Pim moblog for some realtime shots at
(I'm using iPhone for the photos do pardon the quality.)

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Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24: just another Tuesday night chez nous

Wineoncounters Every month, Foodbuzz hosts a special dinner series Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24, featuring twenty-four Foodbuzz Featured Publisher bloggers, creating, eating, partaking in twenty-four unique meals occurring around the world during a 24-hour period.  What a fascinating idea, isn't it?  A glimpse into dining rooms and kitchens of home cooks just like us the world over.  Look at this sweet cooking party to stock the pantry for a mom-to-be friend, or this fun make-your-own-Mac&Cheese party.  How awesome are they? 

Jeff I've been wanting the play along for a while, the only problem for me has been timing.  The 24 meals are all supposed to happen during the same 24-hr period, and on the most convivial night of the week for most people, a Saturday night.  Well, suffice to say we are not "most people" around here.  David spends his Saturday nights creating convivial meals for his guests at Manresa.  I spend my Saturday nights watching Syfy.  (No, really.)  Around here, the night we let loose and have a little fun is on a Tuesday – Monday and Tuesday being the two days a week Manresa is closed, and after spending Monday night catching up on sleep, Tuesday night is the one in which we get to play.  How, you asked?  Usually with a gathering of also-non-Saturday-night-people that is to say restaurant-industry friends,
eating simple food and drinking not-so-simple wines.  Once informed of this, the power-that-be at Foodbuzz graciously agreed to stretch out the 24-hr period a little,  just enough to cover our usual Tuesday night chez nous.  How sweet of them, yeah?

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Menu for Hope 6 – $53,765.00 and counting

MFH6logoCheck out our list of raffle items and make your bid today.  Menu for Hope continues until December 31st.

If you've already helped us, thank you so much and have a very happy holidays.

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Menu for Hope 6 – $28,530 (and counting) plus new prizes

Menu for Hope 6 is beginning our second week with some very impressive numbers, we've now raised $28,530 (and counting) for the UN World Food Programme.  And, to launch into our second week in style, we're bringing in some fantastic new items to our raffle.  Over in Europe, our regional host David Lebovitz brought in some impressive stuff, including a Krups professional deep-fryer (shipped to EU countries only) and an array of delectable chocolates.  Our wine host Alder Yarrow of Vinography added to his list a luxury getaway at Meadowood Resort in Napa to his already impressive line-up of bid items. 

Over here on Chez Pim, I've got quite a few cool new raffle items to add as well.  I hope some of these new items will entice you to donate to Menu for Hope and make your bids – the more you give, the better your chances!  Ok, enough overture, let's get on to the good stuff.

UW44 Coffee with Ruth Reichl

UW44 Are you a fan of Gourmet?  Or perhaps a fan of Ruth herself?  Here's your chance to meet her face to face!  Ruth has generously offer her time to help Menu for Hope.  She'll take the winner of this bid item to coffee somewhere in NYC. 

UW45  Up your backyard gardening game with two classes with Cynthia Sandberg of Love Apple Farm

UW45 Cynthia Sandberg, the wonderful farmer behind the famous Love Apple Farm, which is also the biodynamic kitchen garden for Manresa restaurant, teaches a tons of great classes each year at the farm.  You may choose to learn how to grow better tomatoes, how to keep backyard chickens, and many other skills to up your gardening game (and your neighbors' to shame).  This bid item includes any two classes offered at the farm.  Advance registration applies.

UE42  Midtown lunch tour with Midtown Lunch

UE42 Zach Brooks of Midtown Lunch will take you on a midtown lunch tour like no other.  He took me on it when I was in NY a couple months ago, and let me just tell you it's an experience I won't soon forget.  Even if you're already a midtown luncher and knows the lay of the land just as well as the guy in the next cubicle, you'll still want to bid on this one, because there's nothing like midtown lunching with the king of Midtown Lunch himself.  

UE43  1/2lb of black truffles from France

UE43 Are you a fan of French black truffles?  Have you always wanted to try one but never had a chance?  Your chance is now here.  The lovely Celine Labaune, proprietor of Gourmet Attitude in NYC, and the source of truffles to top restaurants such as Alinea, Daniel, The French laundry, Manresa, Per Se, and many others, will send you 1/2lbs of black truffles (value $700) from Richerenches, France.  This prize can be shipped via Fedex overnight to anywhere in the US.

Are you interested now?  Go give to Menu for Hope 6 in support of the UN World Food Programme and bid today!

To see the rest of the prizes please go to this link here.

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Menu for Hope has a spiffy new donation form

spiffy new Menu for Hope donation form

No more writing down bid item codes in a little piece of paper.  No more typos.  No more wondering if you put the codes into the right box at Firstgiving.  This spiffy new donation form does it all for you.  Just click on the picture to go there.  Or click here, if you must.

Bidding is now super easy, donate now!  (Or come up with a new excuse, quick!)

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