Video: Pim makes a Rustic Fruit Tart & The Dough

The Foodie Handbook: Making a Rustic Fruit Galette from 4SP Films on Vimeo.

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  • Girl In An Apron

    Lovely video! My mouth is watering!

  • Chocolate Gifts

    your video is perfect Pim.. I hope you can post more videos here…


    Great wee demonstration and nicely edited as well. Will you book be on sale in the UK?

  • Alison

    i agree, really good demonstration – helpful and clear.

  • eatinqueens

    I hope you can post more videos here…

  • elliemoon

    i love it! can’t wait to check out the book!

  • my spatula

    love the video – great job!

  • soo

    Your pie dough was a revelation…I have literally made dozens of pies in the last year trying to find the best rendition of the flour-butter-water combination…I’ve read Rose Levy Berenbaum, David Lebovitz, Shirley Yard, Carole Walter, Dorie Greenspan, the Tartine cookbook, and dozens of others, and your recipe is by far my favourite! My new go-to recipe for sure! (I made the best blueberry pie of my life yesterday, thanks to you!)

  • fotographiafoodie

    great idea to do a video! brings in another dimension to the food blog ;)

  • Glenda T

    The video was excellent! I have never seen crust made so simply! Thanks Pim!

  • Avanika

    Excellent video Pim. I JUST made a galette that seems exactly the same. Wish I’d seen your video first!

  • acuvue oasys

    Pim, this is just amazing – looks absolutely scrumptous!

  • Pam @ best Cookware guide

    I like the video of how to make a rustic tart! if pictures says thousand words, video says about a million, thanks for making so simple and easy to follow.

  • John Paul

    Hey, nice job Pim. Concise and well arranged. Very informative.

  • Secret7

    Love the video of the tart and can’t wait to make the dough!

  • darell

    Your production and presentation was well done, and flows fluidly. Really enjoyed it. Looks like something I could easily prepare.

  • Anne

    Hey that’s a cool video! I am just in love with your oven – how big is it?! I’m also very happy to actually see you’re making the dough on a normal surface and not in a bowl – it might be a tad messier, but I bet it’s so much less hassle than doing it inside of the space of a bowl.

  • emelybogart

    Well, that’s awesome that’s looks really delicious.

  • jocuri noi

    lovely video

  • Ally

    Wow, this is mouth-watering and oh-so pretty. About this simple tart recipe, I have some mirabelle plums at home and was thinking of making a tart I usually make, simply sprinkling them with sugar. Do you think the frangipane would go well with the plums ?

  • Selere Malaysia

    Chez Pim, this video make baking look so simple and easy and I like it. This video could be my starting point to produce a baking recipe. Thanks.

  • jordan af1

    Well, that’s awesome that’s looks really delicious.

  • Gourmet Mum

    This is a really nice recipe and easily adapted for other deserts, really enjoyed the show.


    Thanks for the great recipes!

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  • eric
    Now, THAT’s good food writing. Charming, funny, informative.

  • Luzella

    Hi Pim, I discovery you in the channel National Geographic, i’m from spain so my english is very bad. Congratulations, great blog and greatest work.

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  • Milla

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  • Tasty Thailand

    What a great video. I’m going to be looking for your book in Thailand the next time I head downtown Bangkok.

  • Yonatan Weic

    What a lovely video Pim !
    (looks really delicious)
    keep on sharing more foodie videos like this one :-)
    Yonatan Weic

  • Strong Waves

    Excellent video, thanks for making so simple and easy to follow.

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    I love the recipes that is being featured here. Beside from being unique and healthy. The instructions on how to make one is so easy to understand and follow. keep it up.

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  • Manon@FoodJobs

    Absolutely wonderful! The video is a great idea.

  • jimmy samuel

    Hi Pimmy. I couldn’t help thinking of you tonight while watching Tony’s 100th show. There were many of “our hereos” in that episode.
    Like your cooking video! After that early cleavage shot I couldn’t concentrate on the rest. You simply are a gorgeous girl!! You’re soooo beautiful!!! I always said it. Now I’m ever more convinced. Hey, at least I’m consistently honest with you. Oh, and btw, nice Nectarine Tart.
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  • Rita Reyes

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    This looks so good! I am drooling all the way watching this… Thanks Pim!

  • Rita Reyes

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  • Dessert Darling

    Oh wow- you make it look so easy!! Can’t believe I’m just discovering your site. It’s Fabulous! Thanks to my brother Chris for sending me your way!
    The Dessert Darling~

  • lubos

    Hey Pim, just found your site. This recipe looks awesome! And great job on the video – it’s really great quality.

  • Jen

    A lovely recipe! Excellent video! Looks delicious yet very easy to make. Thanks for this video!
    (from the perspective of the French blog owner)

  • whimsy2

    Missing you….where are you, Pim?

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  • llisus

    I’m making this recipe for my mother for Mother’s Day I’m sure you’ll love it, thanks.

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