About Dinner @ 8

A new look at online recipes

Dinner @ 8 is a brand-new way to present recipes here on Chez Pim.  It features a step-by-step guide to help you cook an entire dinner and have it on your table on time.  The recipes are listed the way we all cook in the real world. That’s to say, when we cook a meal, we don’t do it dish by dish from start to finish.  At least not if we want to have dinner on the table before it’s time for breakfast!  We’ll start something for one recipe, then go do something else for another before coming back to the original recipe. Dinner @ 8 does all the planning for you, taking apart recipes and weaving them back together efficiently, and then walking you step-by-step through it all.

3-course menu in 3 hours

Each Dinner @ 8 is a three-course dinner menu. Something to start, a main and a side dish as a second course, and something sweet to finish. A Dinner @ 8 menu shouldn’t take you more than 3-4 hours to cook. Yes, you heard me right. If you start cooking at 3 or 4pm, depending on the time specified on each menu, you’ll have your dinner on the table at 8pm. Dinner @ 8, get it? Oh, shake that look off your face, you can do it. I promise you.

Follow the timeline

The timeline is built so that you don’t have to make like Road Runner-weilding-a-knife to get all the steps done on time. You can cook at a somewhat leisurely – if purposeful – pace and have your dinner @ 8. And, no, you don’t need a tricked out kitchen for this. When I plan each Dinner @ 8 menu, I’m assuming that you have a good kitchen, you know, a normal kitchen for a normal food lover. You’ll have a 4-burner stove top. The regular kind, not the super high charged one hundred seven-five thousand BTU or anything. I’ll assume you’ve got an oven, a stand mixer, a food processor, etc etc. Just the usual.

Shopping list for the meal, plus ingredients call-out where you need them

For each Dinner @ 8 menu, you will be given a shopping list with ingredients you need for the entire meal. Throughout the cooking steps, you’ll see an ingredient list call-out right where you need them.

Picture carousel: click to the right for next step, left for previous

The picture carousel on the top of the page becomes a scrolling tool, moving you on to the next step, when you click on the right, or back to the previous step when you click on the left.

Prep/Cooking Checklist sidebar with time markers

As you walk through the steps, the Prep/Cooking Checklist on the right sidebar helps you keep track of where you are in the process. The step you’re cooking is highlighted, while the previous steps are crossed off.

The time markers are there to help you keep track of your progress. Instead of giving you, say, five minutes to chop the apples, I only specified the important time markers in the process, ie, the roast should go into the oven at 6.45pm.

As long as you’re keeping up with those time markers, you really should have your dinner @ 8. If for some reason you’re lagging a bit behind, make sure the time-marked steps are done at the specified time, you can always go back to finish what the other steps later